Old News – January 2005

January 2005

My latest short story featuring my reoccurring hero, Dermanassian, has appeared in the inaugural issue of Flashing Swords, the quarterly semi-pro e-zine dedicated to sword and sorcery and edited by Howard Andrew Jones. To read “The Burning River,” please visit www.SwordandSorcery.org. Thanks, Howard!
*        *        *
My essay on Michael Moorcock’s Elric books was accepted by Howard Andrew Jones for publication at
www.SwordandSorcery.org. It should be available shortly. Thanks, Howard!
*        *        *
At the invitation of
www.SwordandSorcery.org’s Howard Andrew Jones, I am hard at work designing the sword and sorcery, sword and planet, and swashbuckling historicals critique group. Thanks, Howard!


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