Old News – June 2005

June 2005

My article on Michael Moorcock’s first fantasy character, Sojan Shieldbearer, was accepted for publication by Howard Andrew Jones, editor of www.SwordandSorcery. org. The article should be available soon. Thanks, Howard!
*        *        *
I can’t wait for July! It should be a great month! I’m expecting reprints of two stories to appear. First up is “Cloning Jesus,” scheduled for e-zine Gateway S-F Magazine, edited by John A.M. Darnell and available at
com. “Cloning Jesus” was originally printed in the semi-pro print magazine Fantastic
Stories of the Imagination #21 (Spr. 2001), edited by Edward J. McFadden. Thanks, John!
*        *        *
My first story featuring my reoccurring hero, Dermanassian, is scheduled to be reprinted in e-zine The Sword’s Edge, edited by Fraser Ronald in either July or August. “The Gray Mist” will be available at
www.SwordsEdge.ca. “The Gray Mist” was originally printed in the semi-pro print quarterly Gauntlet! The Magazine of Heroic Tales Vol. 1, #4 (Sum. 2000), edited by George Smith and was also temporarily available at (the now defunct) http://www.GauntletMagazine.com. Thanks, Fraser!
*        *        *
July will also be the debut for the latest Dermanassian short story.  “The Demon War,” is scheduled to appear inFlashing Swords, Vol. 1, Issue 3 edited by Howard Andrew Jones. It should be available at
www.SwordandSorcery.org. Thanks, Howard!
*        *        *
Additionally, we will be starting the first critique group at
org. As designer and moderator of the group, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Again, special thanks to http://www.SFReader.com and its webmaster Dave Felts for hosting the critique groups in their forum section and for working out a few kinks in the system. Thanks, John, Fraser, and Dave!


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