Old News – July 2005

July 2005

I could not be more excited! My essay “Why We Should Care About Michael Moorcock’s Wizardry and Wild Romance: A Study of Epic Fantasy” has attracted the attention of the Grandmaster himself. Not surprisingly, he disagrees with certain portions of my analysis. To see the discussion, please visit http://www.multiverse.org/postp45768.html. Thanks!
* * *
I’ve received several inquires about joining the sword and sorcery critique groups. For more information, please go to the writing pages at http://www.SwordandSorcery.org. Thanks for your interest!
* * *
My story, “Anonymous World,” has been accepted for publication by Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, edited by Arthur A. Roberts, et al and is now available online. Thanks, Arthur and CTTA!!
* * *
“The Demon War” has received praise from both readers and Tangent Short Fiction Review (aka Tangent Online). Thanks for your support!
* * *
“Cloning Jesus” has been reprinted in Gateway S-F Magazine #13, edited by John A.M. Darnell and available at http://www.gateway-sf-magazine.com. It was originally printed in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination #21 (Spr. 2001), edited by Edward J. McFadden and illustrated by Hugo Award winning artist Frank Wu.
* * *
The latest Dermanassian short story has debuted in Flashing Swords, Vol. 1, Issue 3 edited by Howard Andrew Jones. “The Demon War” is available at http://www.SwordandSorcery.org. Thanks, Howard!
* * *
I received an invitation to write an essay for a book on Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Keep an eye out for it next year.
* * *
The inaugural critique group at http://www.SwordandSorcery.org has begun.


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